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  1. Open SubRip with the Button in the Prepare-Tab


  2. In SubRip choose File -> Open VOB and a Window will apear.
  3. Now select Open IFO and selct the Ifo-File of the Movie you want to extract the Subs from.
  4. Use the the Combo Box over this Button to selcet the right stream, like English, German, ...
  5. Check that all Files containing your Movie are selected in the List Box (like vts_03_1.vob, vts_03_2.vob, ...)
  6. Choose SubPictures to Text via OCR in the Action-Sektion of this Window.
  7. Make sure Last Time Code is 0:0:0,0, else press Reset.
  8. Klick the Button OK now and the Window will close.
  9. After a while new Window, captioned New Character(s) will popup.
  10. You should see there some letters. The one with the current letter has a red box around it.
  11. Use the Editfield below to enter the marked letter there. Press OK. The Window might apear again with a other letter now. Enter this new letter again in the Editfield and press ok, again. Proceed untill the Progress bar in the upper part of SubRip is at 100%
  12. On the buttom of SubRip you'll find a window, with something like this in it:

    00:00:59,000 --> 00:01:00,479
    And you're in love

  13. In this Window, make sure, you set the Framerate correctly, the click on the Disk-Icon left, and save the file. It should contain now the Subtitles.


  14. Close SubRip now and make all your Settings in DVDtoOgm, then turn to the Ogm Inputs-Tab.
  15. Right-Top you'll find the subtile option. Press Select and choose the File you created minutes ago with SubRip.
  16. You can now check the checkbox below this Select Button and set a comment with the Combo Box left.
  17. Now put the Add Button and your Subtitle file should appear in the ListBox Top-Right. If so, proceed with your DVDtoOgm setup and encode the movie.
  18. You should hopefully have subtitles now in your movie...


cool CU DVD cool

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*offizielles deutsches flaskmpeg & dvdtoogm board* » *faq and tutorials* » Kurzes DVDtoOgm & SubRip Tutorial - Englisch

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